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CEPA 2023 Virtual Conference

Accepted Abstracts

Conference abstracts are published in the 2023 supplement of the Journal of Clinical Exercise Physiology. View abstracts

Early Investigators Award

CEPA is excited to announce the recipient of the Early Investigators Award. To qualify, authors must be current students or less than 5 years from their latest degree or final formal training. The committee evaluated all eligible submissions based on relevant content, research design, contribution to the field, and overall professionalism.

This year's recipient was James Shadiow, doctoral student at the University of Michigan, "Exercise Improves Heart Rate Recovery Greater than Standard Care in Type 2 Diabetes." Congratulations to James and all early investigators for their submissions!
Physical Activity Impacts on the VAT in Person with Normal BMI: A Systematic Review
Fatemeh Bagherpour, MS; Hamid Arazi, PhD

The Effects of a Summer Program on Physical Fitness and health Outcomes in Children
Joseph A. Bonner, MS; Carolina Velasquez, PhD; Natasha Cruz, MS; Alexis Friedman, PhD; Debbiesu Lee, PhD; Arlette C. Perry, PhD
The Role of the Exercise Professional in the Step for MS Trial
Kathryn A. Born, MS; Whitney Neal, MS; Alexander V. Ng, PhD; Deborah Backus, PT, PhD; Robert W Motl, PhD

Cardiopulmonary Response to Exercise in Patients with Neuromuscular Disease
Jeffrey W. Christle, PhD, ACSM CEP; Tina Duong, PhD; Constance de Monts, DPT; Noirin Maire Ni Ghiollagain, BS; Dana Parker, MS; ... Matthew T. Wheeler, PhD
Exercise Has no Effect on Knee Joint Crepitus. A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Alexandre Kovats, B.ExPhys, AEP; Matthew Jones, PhD, AEP; Adrian Ram, B.ExPhys, AEP; Darryl Ser Foong Ho, B.Med; Alexandra Azzi, B.MedSc(Hons); Jeanette Thom, PhD

Glucose Intolerance Predicts Cardiorespiratory Fitness in a Healthy Population
Joshua Labadah, MPhil; Jehu Narh Apaflo, MS; Gabriel Narvaez, BS; Victoria Rocha; Ali Mossayebi, MS; … Sudip Bajpeyi, PhD

Repetitive Vertical Jumping Performance and Left Ventricular Mass in Soccer Players
Vassilios Panoutsakopoulos, PhD; Nikolaos Koutlianos, PhD; Zacharias Papadakis, PhD, ACSM-EPC; Evangelia Kouidi PhD
Exercise Improves Heart Rate Recovery Greater than Standard Care in Type 2 Diabetes
James Shadiow, MS; Ryan Perkins, PhD; Corey Mazo, MS; Edwin R. Miranda, PhD; Jacob M. Haus, PhD
Improvements after Patient-Specific Adaptive Dynamic Cycling in Parkinson’s Disease
Brittany Smith, MS, ACSM-CEP; Younguk Kim, PhD, ACSM-EP; Jessica Smith Ricketts, MS, ACSM-EP; Angela L. Ridgel, PhD, ACSM-EP
Predicted Max-Heart Rate Should Not Be Used for Patients in Cardiac Rehabilitation
Katherina Steenson, MS; Steven J. Keteyian, PhD; Crystal Grimshaw, MS; Noah Mandel, MS; Clinton A. Brawner, PhD, ACSM-CEP
Patient Perspectives on their Creaky Knees and the Role of Exercise in Knee Health
Jeanette Thom PhD; Alexandre Kovats B.ExPhys, AEP; Elise Drum; ... Justine Naylor PhD
Guided Breathing Exercise Modulates Blood Pressure for People with Spinal Cord Injury
Rachel Torres, MS; Camilo Castillo, MD; Addie Wanner, BS; Kaden Kozlowski; Daniela Terson de Paleville, PhD
Asymptomatic Autonomic Dysreflexia After Postural Changes in SCI
Addie Wanner, BS; Camilo Castillo, MD; Rachel Torres, MS; Daniela Terson de Paleville, PhD