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Exercise Prescription & Programming

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Peggy Kraus

Weight training with a dialysis shunt 1 66

Peggy Kraus

Ex Rx and AAA 3 176

Ashley Sison

Fall Risk Assessment Tools 5 189

Claudia Oliva

CEPs and Supplemental O2/Pulm Rehab 5 185

Peggy Kraus

Patients with Hernia 1 91

Sandra Porter

Cardiac Prevention Team 1 116

Dana Laguerre

Fitbit/Smart watches re: HR/SpO2 1 116

Dana Laguerre

HR max/target ranges 5 218

Juliane Cook

Cancer Rehab Intake Forms 7 358

Peggy Kraus

Exercise logging apps 3 233

Peggy Kraus

Blood glucose testing in cardiac rehab 3 308

Allison Carhart

COVID Screening 2 199

Robert Berry

COVID 19 Program response 3 330

Lori Saiia

PAD initial assessment 9 530

Lori Saiia

2017 ACC Guidelines for High Blood Pressure 3 447