Student Resources

Welcome to CEPA’s Student Resources!

The mission of the CEPA Student Advisory Committee is to:

  • Provide resources for clinical exercise physiology (CEP) students in order to help support their current education, training, and future career.
  • Work and collaborate with all other CEPA committees on projects in order to share CEP student perspectives and concerns.

CEPA Internship Directory

The Student Advisory Committee maintains an internship directory to help students find information about internships in their area. If you or anyone you know has completed an internship or you work at an internship location, please help us build our directory by filling out a short form. There are two forms, one for students who have completed an internship and one for those working at an internship site. Please download the form and email it back to Thanks for your time!

Download the internship directory (CEPA members only)- last updated January 16, 2013

Download internship review form for students

Download internship review form for internship sites


Facebook Page

Please join our group, the CEPA Student Group on Facebook! If you are an undergraduate or graduate student studying clinical exercise physiology or a related field, you’re invited to join this group to share thoughts and perspectives to CEPA from a student’s point of view. This page will be updated regularly with activities of the CEPA group.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me.

Cemal Ozemek, MS, CES
CEPA Student Representative