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Journal of Clinical Exercise Physiology
The official journal of the Clinical Exercise Physiology Association

Volume 1, Number 1 | February 2012

Using Pedometers to Promote Physical Activity Among Clinical Populations

Yuri Feito, PhD, MPH, RCEP and Anthony Musto, PhD, CES

Journal of Clinical Exercise Physiology. 2012;1:15-20.


The benefits of physical activity (PA) are well documented. An active lifestyle is linked with reductions in overall and disease specific mortality and morbidity, leading to increases in longevity and improved quality of life (53). In 2008, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services published the Physical Activity Guidelines for all Americans, emphasizing the reduction of sedentary behaviors and recommending a minimum of 150 min·wk-1 of moderate-intensity PA or 75 min of vigorous PA, which can be accumulated in bouts of at least 10 min (53). Other recommendations have clearly outlined the medicinal value of PA for clinical populations as well as guidelines for participation (2). However, even though the benefits of PA are well documented, half of the US population does not engage in enough PA to meet the Health and Human Services’ recommendations, and about 25% report no PA at all (11). Moreover, given the known benefits of PA for secondary prevention of many chronic diseases (53), promoting and encouraging  individuals with chronic disease to remain active is important. ...

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